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Flu Vaccination

Don't let flu ruin your winter! We offer a hassle free, "no appointment necessary" private flu vaccination and advice service, every winter at a very competitive price. Even if you are afraid of needles, our very experienced and jovial pharmacist will soon put that fear away! 

We also offer free NHS funded flu vaccination service (under the Patients' Group Direction scheme) for those who normally qualify for free flu vaccination at their doctors' surgery.

The following groups of people qualify for free NHS flu vaccination from the pharmacy (as you would with your own GP):

​All those aged 17 and 65 years of age and in a clinical risk group. Clinical risk groups are:

  • Chronic Respiratory Disease:

Asthma that requires continuous or repeated use of inhaled or oral steroids, or with previous exacerbations requiring hospital admission.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and emphysema, bronchiectasis, cystic         fibrosis, intestitial lung fibrosis, pneumoconiosis, and broncopulmonary dysplasia (BPD).

  • Chronic heart disease:

Congenital heart disease, hypertension with cardiac complications, chronic heart failure, individual regular medication  and/or  follow-up  for ischaemic heart disease.

  • Chronic kidney disease:

Chronic kidney disease at stage 3,4, or 5; Chronic kidney failure; Nephrotic syndrome; Kidney transplantation.

  • Chronic liver disease: 

Cirrhosis; Biliary atresia; Chronic hepatitis.

  • Chronic neurological disease:

​Stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA); Conditions in which respiratory function may be compromised due to               neurological disease (e.g. Polio  syndrome sufferers).

  • Diabetes mellitus: 

​​Type 1 diabetes; Type 2 diabetes requiring insulin or oral hypoglycaemic medicines; diet controlled diabetes.

  • Immunosuppression due to disease or treatment:

​​Patients undergoing chemotherapy leading to immunosuppression; Asplenia or splenic dysfunction; HIV infection at all stages. Individuals treated with or likely to be treated with oral steroids for more than a month at a dose equivalent to Prednisolone at 20mg or more per day (any age). Some immunocompromised patients may have a suboptimal immunological response to the vaccine. 

  • Main Carers of an elderly or disabled person

i.e. those who are in the receipt of a carer's allowance, or those who are     the main carer, or the carer of an elderly disabled person whose  welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill. Self-certification of a carers responsibilities is acceptable but must be clearly documented and the carers advised that this information may be shared with NHS England as part of payment verification procedures

  • Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy (first, second or third trimesters)


       Please click on the link below for further information on Influenza Vaccination.