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Malarial Prophylaxis

Travelling somewhere exotic?

Got your tickets?

Got your visa (please check with the home office)?

Got your currency?

What about your malarial prophylaxis? Can you afford to catch Malaria? Please do not leave it to chance!

Don't let those little bugs get you! Our specially trained pharmacists can offer you all malaria pill types and advice for you and your family, at competitive prices and, all this without prescription or a need to see a doctor!

We will go through a thorough consultation with you and your family, assess your requirements for malarial prophylaxis in accordance with the most up to date Department of Health and The Home Office's guidelines. If malarial prophylaxis is necessary, we will offer you various malarial prophylaxis options and travel advice before recommending the most appropriate medication.

Where malarial prophylaxis is not necessary, we will advise you accordingly, free of charge

We also stock other travel aids and medications,  sun tan lotions, after-sun lotions, mosquito repellents, after bite preparations, alongside anti-histamines for itchy skin.